Free APP to Keep Track of Immunization Records

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This free APP developed by Immunize Canada is designed for all Canadians to help keep track of personal and family vaccine records. The APP has the ability to:

  • Easily record and store vaccine information
  • Access vaccination schedules
  • Manage vaccination appointments for the entire family
  • Access information about recommended and routine vaccinations
  • Receive alerts about disease outbreaks


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VEC goes to South Africa!

2014.03.25 Gareth and Arlene (2)VEC’s Phd/MD student, Gareth Mercer, and clinical trial unit manager, Arlene Kallos, have landed in Cape Town, South Africa this week to visit the research centre at Tygerberg Hospital. They will be assisting the Cape Town team in finalizing the database entries (first set of study analyses) of the Mother Infant Health Study (MIHS).

The MIHS is following the health of a group of HIV-uninfected children born to HIV-infected mothers and a comparison group of children born to HIV-uninfected mothers in Cape Town, South Africa. The primary goal is to determine whether, during infancy, HIV-exposed, uninfected children are more likely to be hospitalized for infection than HIV-unexposed children. The MIHS is a collaboration between researchers at CFRI (lead by Dr. David Speert) and at Tygerberg Hospital and Stellenbosch University in Cape Town (led by Drs. Monika Esser and Mark Cotton). It is primarily funded by a Major Thematic Grant from The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.



Dr. Scheifele answers your questions about vaccines (Videos)

scheifele 5CTV News interviewed Dr. David Scheifele, who runs the Vaccine Evaluation Center here at B.C. Children’s Hospital, about current hot topics regarding vaccines. “It’s challenging. It’s frustrating. We have to continually work at educating the public as to the risks that these diseases continue to pose, and the benefits of getting the vaccine,” said Dr. David Scheifele, The video series are posted below. Read the full CTV News article here.

Dr. Scheifele answers your questions about vaccines in these short video clips:

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B.C. vaccination rates drop amid ‘misinformation’ campaign | CTV Vancouver News






Congratulations Dr. Scheifele!

Congratulations to Dr. David Scheifele for his appointment as an Officer of the Order of Canada!


Congratulations to Dr. David Scheifele for his appointment as an Officer of the Order of Canada!

As Director of the Vaccine Evaluation Center, Dr. Scheifele has been a leader in vaccine research since 1989. A distinguished lecturer and passionate clinician, his appointment reflects his outstanding academic achievements and his dedication to improve the health of Canadians through the prevention of infectious disease.

The Order of Canada is one of the greatest civilian honours in our country. For more information on the Order of Canada, visit