Family Flu Vaccine Clinic at BC Children’s & Women’s Hospital

The VEC is proud to announce that during the Family Flu Vaccine Clinic (open Oct 27th-Dec 19th) we vaccinated nearly 2,000 visitors and patients to BC Children’s & Women’s Hospital!

We were happy to provide a convenient location for patients and visitors to be immunized against the flu. Thank you for your support!

**Clinic is now closed for the season**
If you haven’t received your flu vaccine yet, click here for the Flu Clinic Locator

Family Flu Vaccine Clinic open: Oct 27th – Dec 19th 2014

Location: Ambulatory Care Centre (the building with the Starbucks, basement level).
Hours: 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

The Family Flu Vaccine Clinic is offering free flu vaccine to patients, family members, and visitors to BC Children’s & Women’s Hospital (C&W). No appointment necessary! Signs will be posted in the main lobby giving detailed directions of our clinic location.

Flu vaccine and nasal spray flu vaccine (Flumist® – for eligible patients) is available at the Clinic which is located within the hospital. An on-site nurse vaccinator will advise about who needs flu protection and which vaccine is best suited for each person. The Vaccine Evaluation Center is organizing the Clinic in collaboration with C&W and the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA).

Why are we providing a free flu vaccine clinic at the hospital?
Children experience the highest rates of seasonal influenza (15%-25%) of any age group and are at highest risk of complications of influenza (especially those patients with chronic medical conditions). Since many “high risk” children pass through the ambulatory clinics of BC Children’s each day, this provides them a convenient opportunity to receive influenza vaccine. Providing influenza vaccination to family members and visitors to patients in the hospital as well maximizes protection of “high risk” children.

Want more facts on the flu and the flu vaccine? Check out this video or the Story of Influenza.

The flu vaccine is also important in pregnancy to protect mom, fetus, and newborn against the flu. Watch the video below for more information.