Comparative Hepatitis B Vaccine study

–Recruitment closed–

Participants needed: Males and females age 18 years and older in good general health who have never received the Hepatitis B vaccine

Why are we doing this study: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a virus that attacks the liver and can lead to cancer. The currently approved HBV vaccines work really well, but scientists believe a newer vaccine may work even better and provide protection sooner (and with fewer doses).

The study involves: 10 visits over 12 months Visits are at the VEC located at BC Children’s Hospital and Women’s Health Center in Vancouver. Participants will receive 3 doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine, get blood tests at each visit, and be asked questions about your health. Females will need to be on birth control while on the study.

You will receive: Eligible participants will be reimbursed for travel/parking and receive an honorarium at each visit (between $25-$50 depending on the visit length).

To learn more and to see if you are eligible to participate, please contact us.