Mapping Vaccine hesitancy in Canada

“Vaccine hesitancy” is a term used to describe people choosing not to get vaccines (shots) even though the shots are available to them.

We are interested in learning more about the doubts or concerns some parents have regarding recommended childhood vaccinations or “shots”. We hope to understand how British Columbian parents of children 5 years old or younger experience vaccine hesitancy, why some parents don’t get their children all the recommended shots, and what this is like for their families.

Taking part in this study would involve participating in a telephone interview and would take about 30-60 minutes of your time. In this interview, we will ask you to share with us your thoughts about shots. Participants will receive a $25 gift card as a thank-you. You must be the parent or guardian of a child 5 years of age or younger to be able to participate.

If you would like more information or are interested in an interview, please email or call 604-875-2187 and leave a message including your name, contact information, and that you are interested in the study “Mapping Vaccine Hesitancy.