Meningococcal Vaccine Study

–Recruitment closed–

Participants needed: Healthy teenage boys and girls who are going into Grade 9

Why are we doing this study: Meningococcal disease is caused by Neisseria meningitidis and can result in severe disease such as septicemia (blood poisoning) and meningitis. There are currently 3 different vaccines being offered to teenagers across Canada and researchers at the Vaccine Evaluation Center would like to find out if there are any differences between these 3 vaccines, and if any of them are better than the others.

The study involves: There will be 3 visits to the study clinic over the course of one year. These visits will include a physical exam, vaccinations, blood tests, and questions about the participant’s health. Total time commitment is 3-4 hours. Participants will be randomly assigned into 1 of 3 Study groups, and will receive both the MenACWY and Tdap vaccines. These vaccines are part of the routine immunization schedule offered already in our public & private schools by public health for Grade 9 students in B.C.

You will receive: Eligible participants will be reimbursed for travel/ parking and receive a gift card at each visit.

See if you are eligible: Click here and fill out a short 3 minute survey

To learn more please contact us.