QUEST HPV Study: Over 2,800 enrolled to QUEST study

The QUEST HPV study is an evaluation of HPV vaccine programs in Canada. The goal of the study is to determine whether two doses are as effective as three doses at preventing the four strains of HPV that are responsible for most instances of genital warts and cervical cancer.

The study involves teenage girls from across Canada. In B.C., the study is led by Dr. Simon Dobson at the VEC.

Q&A with Shadi and Jennifer, recruiters for the QUEST HPV Study

“It’s really encouraging to talk to girls, and to hear their enthusiasm about helping and participating in women’s health research,” says Shadi, recruiter for the QUEST HPV Study. “The study doesn’t just help women locally, but all over the world – especially women in low-resource, rural and remote areas – and girls are excited to be part of it.”

“It’s really special to speak with someone when they’re just beginning to feel they have a place in the world, and that they can make a real change,” says Jennifer Smith, also with the QUEST team. “Once they realize they have an opportunity to do something powerful, they get quite excited.”

Shadi and Jennifer spend much of their time at the Vaccine Evaluation Center (VEC) actively recruiting B.C. girls to participate in the QUEST HPV Study,

Refer-a-Friend to the QUEST study

If you would like to refer a friend to the QUEST study, you will have a chance to win a gift card! Click here for more information.