PORCCH Research 101 Online Module

PORCCH is an interactive online “Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum in Child Health” for children, families, trainees, clinicians, scientists, educators, and administrators. These online modules will include interactive tools, video vignettes, evaluation exercises, certificates of completion and research readiness for patients and families. The overarching goal of PORCCH is to enhance skills and build capacity in patient-oriented research in child health.

This October and November of 2018, we are beta testing our Research 101 online module and require patient and family volunteers. The module is targeted to patients and families who are already engaged in research or want to become engaged in research. It reviews the basic principles of what research is, what patient oriented research is, the different types of research, the key players of research and the life cycle/timeline of a research study.

Participation would involve an interview (via phone, skype or in person at SickKids) to go through the module with a member of our research education team, click by click. The interview will likely take up to 2 hours, while the patient/family member provides in-depth feedback. In addition, we have budgeted $30 gift certificates per participant for Indigo, Tim Hortons or Starbucks.

For more information please visit: www.porcch.ca